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January 4, 2006

Communication via coarseness

These days I have developed a tendency to analyze how people are behaving by breaking it into some primordial urges, for example, like the ones in this post. I try to see activity in terms of how selfish it is, how it is trying to promote self, how much ego is present in it, how much empathy is present, how much a tendency to help other people is present, how much a tendency to follow what other people have told you since birth is present, how much fun-loving tendency is present, how much sacrifice and love are there, etc.

I find that many people dont tend to behave with "propriety" all the time. Many of the times, they are so obviously egoistic and condescending. At one point I became very depressed with the state of the world -- however I must note that though in some circles, the people were very badly behaved, there were some circles where people were very well behaved. Such tendencies tended to sustain in circles/groups of people.

However, now my depression is less, since I have realized that people dont always have to politely ask, but their rudely shouting at another to get their point across, is sometimes an equally powerful tool to get matters sorted out.. They shout, and try to show they are better off, but that attitude pays off with the right people, because they can give a fitting reply to this rudeness, which will actually help both parties in a better position.

(I know, I know, this is a really ackward post, and makes you wonder why are you reading this after all)


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Awkward? hmmm... i don't think so... have felt the same and tended to analyze in a similar fashion sometimes...

Btw, was directed to ur webpage by nitin_pd, from which i found my way here :)

Nice to know that you do too.

But yeah, stuff like "analyzing behavior" doesnt go hand in hand with "normal" life, hence I tend to suppress such tendencies these days. I beleive it helps us "adapt" to changing cultures and times and places, but under normal circumstances is more of an hindrance, and is better left for psychologists and anthropologists.

nitin_pd! hah! He was going to start a blog several months ago, and looks like hasnt started it yet. I promised him that you will have atleast one reader. Well, looks like when he will start writing when he has finished the last few remaining earth books that he hasnt read! :-)

I hadn't noticed your reply till yesterday... :)

I find analysis to be an interesting pastime mostly, and I find that it helps me understand strangers better. It can get depressing when you attach expectations to people around you and they don't behave as expected.

And do you think selfishness is really such a bad thing? I have sometimes though that it is just another survival instinct...

I love the harmony between people that happens in a religious, spiritual setting. The crux of spirituality in religions, is I believe, egolessness. This avoids conflict, reduces sorrow.

Whether the goal is survival or happiness is a difficult question when defining our system of ethics, since these two goals do not necessarily have the same path. For example, I find extreme joy, when I submit myself completely to God in meditation, for example, and focus on beleiving that all my actions and desires are actually God's plays.

I find happiness when I see one person doing something for another. When they behave towards their own survival, its not as sublime, many of the times.

Individual survival is aided by group survival, but their paths are not completely equivalent, and hence group happiness is not directly correlated with individual survival.

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