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December 22, 2005

Robot Demonstrates Self-awareness

I found an interesting article on slashdot today, related to consciousness, very interesting:
"Robot Demonstrates Self-awareness"

The news article the story points to is a must read. And as always, the comments on the slashdot page are also very interesting.

For example:

Actually this is related to past blog entry of mine: "Questioning assumptions and becoming more aware"

December 9, 2005

social equivalence in a collectivist society

I have found that in general collectivist and hard-to-live societies such as India, there is less equivalence in social talks. All social talks assume differences in people based on their efficiency in their function (often translating to their standing (often financial) in the society), and people dont talk to others as if everybody is equal.

This has big implications when there is cross-societal interaction.

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