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January 26, 2003

What to do in Life -- emotionally

I just hit upon a mail which I had sent two years ago to a mailing list consisting of people who were heading to the US for studies.

Hi friends -

I am going to pen down some of the thoughts which are coming to my mind now. If you can spare some 2-3 minutes, I dont think they will be wasted if you read this.

You know, I think that interaction and communication between people helps people live.

Imagine a person living in an isolated island. What will he do? He will inevitably die of loneliness.

Fortunately, we are in a world which contains a lot of people which ensures that we do not get bored of life anytime. Talk to people, and see their reactions - a whole lot of diversity is present, perhaps due to the huge number of variations possible of the human genome, and the huge number of possible experiences a man can have. This makes this world and its people hugely diverse in nature and form. This adds very heavily to the richness of the human life.

When you live this life, make sure, you see and experience a lot of it. Make sure you meet people with attitudes opposite to you - I am sure you will find something fascinating and interesting in them too. The variety and richness of human life is there - in front of you - waiting for you - to come over and have a taste of it. Make sure you do!!

Meet and talk to different people, strangers - and you will find happiness in times of sadness.

Talk to rude people, and see if you can find their lost corner of softness by your talk. If you try, you may fail, but to surely succeed sometime.

Personally, I have found every man I met, to be a source of inspiration. Of course, every decision by every person is the result of his some decades of experience in this world, which will be totally different than you had, and provide a different perspective to life and things, which even to know is fascinating by itself.

This is related to this egroup, since we are just about to take a step towards this end, and to experience life in a big way in different surroundings and different perspectives, which is one of my motives behind US study.

Let's explore Life! It is Beautiful, filled with more pulchritude than you had thought...You just require that aesthetic sense.

Read this today, and read this tomorrow, and read this a year later, and you will be able to always apply this differently to the situation you are in. In other words, keep reading this, at different times, and you will feel better.



January 22, 2003

Nothing is right or wrong

Nothing is right or wrong. Nothing is good or bad. Incidentally I used to say a few years ago - "There is no right thing you can do."

What you know as right and wrong is what others have told you.

The things that really feel right to most people like "make a good person live instead of killing him" are also not properly defined since there is an ambiguity in the word "good".

Removing the word good - "dont kill a person whom you dont know" will feel good to almost all people (NOT ALL PEOPLE) but that is also told to you by your genes. Yes. The genes want to survive and reproduce ... and hence.

Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong. All are imaginations - formed for making decisions for humans (conscious beings) - the universe doesnt need anything to be right or wrong - since it does not make any decisions - it just works according to laws.

Remember when anyone tells you anything is right or wrong - its what others told him or or what he thought from his very limited experience or what his genes are telling him - nothing is actually, really right or wrong!


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