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July 26, 2002

I'm using Redhat 7.3

These days I am using Red Hat Linux 7.3 for my job.

I must say, that KDE 3.0.x feels somewhat better than even the Windows GUI..!!!

Before using Linux, I used to use Solaris installed in the public labs here at USC, but it was not installed to be beautiful looking, instead just for student homeworks.

Now using Linux, I have realized that the Windows GUI and the ease of use is only an illusion....

Linux wins...

Give me Linux anyday over Windows....I am going more and more away from Windows....its been almost 8 months since I last used Windows by choice.


July 21, 2002

Got an oncampus job

Hey, I have got an oncampus job....(finally).

And this is a job that I would really love to do. It involves device driver programming in linux on a custom made Intel StrongARM processor board.



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