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June 21, 2005

Merits of Conservativism

Strangely, some conservative attitude helps maintain peace of mind.

Related to past posts 1 and 2.

Now that the world is becoming increasingly more deft with handling information (organizing, storing, accessing, distributing, processing, etc), many of us are trying hard to delicately walk over the gaping divide between our past social life, based on human communication and inter-relationships, and the new one, which has an increasing involvement of information and its assimilation.

However, many among us, like to prosper using our long known and befriended memes, and feel happy when we meet other people who have grown prosperous using these rather than newer ones (we prefer success of our own memes...obviously).

"Unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates said -- and this suggests re-investigation of long-time friendly memes, and thus intellectually driving (rather than collectively and interactively, which is governed by "chance") their modification and creation of newer memes.

Although, thats what I do subconsciously these days (as a result of my transition from infp to intp), the content and satisfaction and happiness that I see in conservative people loving their primary memes, puts me sometimes in jealousy, and also my INFP past (maybe inner INFP layer?) makes me give in to such institutions of thought.

Although, conservativism may result in non-complete-actualization of all individual's abilites, and often a weaker survival quotient in terms of adaptability; it makes up a lot in having a stronger survival quotient in terms of emotional fulfillment and stability.

In fact, I now feel that

"The unexamined life is atleast as worth living as the examined."

June 17, 2005

live traffic cams at CA freeways

Caltrans Live Streaming Traffic Video

June 16, 2005

Google ranking algo details

Great Site Ranking in Google The Secrets Out

June 15, 2005

immigrants to US performing well

It is no unknown fact, that immigrants and their kids do very well in the US.

Immigrants' Kids: Nation's Brainy Superstars

I think, somehow the "work-hard" ethic (remanant of adverse societal conditions back in their home countries) combined with the richness and individual opportunity of the United States (which is now more in a have-fun and self-express ethic) results in a winning combination.

Looking at self as a person

Today, I decided to look at life with me as an individual, and a living and desiring one at that, rather than looking at life as a bunch of things.

Today I decided to love life rather than things.

Today I decided to connect myself with my past, and to better understand myself -- where I am coming from and where I belong.

I suddenly feel happy and living. Suddenly I know what to do -- suddenly I understand what I want -- suddenly confusions reduce, and problems reduce; and especially masochistic tendencies and habits can be identified and toned down.

Suddenly I understand what I must do to make myself happy, and fulfilled.

We must. We must love life and not things. We must love ourself as a living, desiring-to-be-happy individual rather just a non-entity between logically proceeding world and life.

We must look at life with a consideration of people's emotional needs; and structures which were formed to satisfy those needs including social ones such as family, religions, cultures, and economical such as abstract entities (like a company).

However, such outlooks, which focus upon a person's biological and related origins, may make a person oriented excessively towards the self.

We should try -- and try hard, since that might be necessary -- to find ways which fulfil all people towards what they actually want.


June 13, 2005

Chess rankings - US 3rd

We say so much that India is ahead in Chess. In the top 100 players of the world, India has already 3 in.

But, we Indians are unaware that US is actually 3rd in Chess, while India is 15th. And US has around 5 players in the top 100.

Top ranked countries in Chess by FIDE

June 12, 2005

Biology wins....

I think biology always stands out as a winner. At least in MOST cases.

The fact that we are biological animals is such a big and important fact, that it dilutes all the slants that our mind tries to get into sometimes.

It turns out that it is more important that we are satisfied as "an individual biological animal" than as a subscriber to peripheral emotional activities. At least most of the times.

June 10, 2005

proving wrong

Sometimes, trying to prove the other person wrong gives you good ideas, which wont usually occur if you are trying to just listen (and agree to his ideas and help and support his motives).

June 9, 2005

who am i -- identity (Incomplete)

Who I am, builds up over a long time throughout your childhood. You may have a bring up in a secure, closed environment, where this makes us have a stronger sense of identity.


June 8, 2005

action-based (Incomplete)

Are you thought-based or action-based?


The connection (Incomplete)

We usually connect to our past to find what to do for the future.

(A similar idea in previous post)


love things? (Incomplete)

Do you love "things" more than "life"?


Madness is good

Madness is not always bad... even if it is, then it is not always bad for both the individual and the society.

Many times, weird behaviors, which are normally considered bad for the individual (for which individual's mom would say - "son, dont do it, you are becoming mad...."), produce good results for the society.

A significant number of big acheivements (big companies, big books, big ideas, huge impacting thoughts, etc etc) were actually results of abnormal tendencies of people.

June 6, 2005

breathing dissolved water

A man designs an apparatus to breathe in water by using water separated from water.


Helicopter lands on everest

Everest 2005: The Helicopter land on Everest with video: But it is good?

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