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April 30, 2002


I was not feeling good not blogging today.....so this mail.

I have to complete a term paper by the morning 8. This is 4:39am. Then i will sleep for 3 hours, and begin studying Compilers for which the finals is at 7pm.
Then after the finals, i will go home and sleep for 3-4hours. And then come back and start working on the 565 project. It will take 3 days, with 18 hours per day. Then after it becomes more tight.
I have 565 project demo.
Then I have to read 80 (!!!!!) research papers before the 555 finals on 7th, along with one BOOK for the finals on 6th of 581. This is even theoretically impossible if a day had aroun 80-90 hours.

What is required if I would like to avoid this the next semester is discipline, sincerity, regularity, ability to kill will and study class notes, etc.
I will try it next sem.

Bye for now.


April 29, 2002

Early email bird!

hey i remembered a funny incident that happenned quite a while ago.
I was a college student, when Email had made its way into India, as usual well after the other developed countries.
I didnt know much of email, internet or anything.
while playing a computer game, I got stuck, and I tried very hard to proceed further in the game, but could not. There was an email address given to contact if I wanted some help - it was in the US.
I did not know anything about email.
But, then, since I did not know any other way, I decided to write an email.
I wrote one. It was a big one. Maybe enough to fill about 1-2 A4 size pages using standard fontsize. I described what powers I had gained. What enemies I had killed. What level had I reached. What secrets I had discovered. So that he understands the complete situation and suggests me a way to proceed. Otherwise how will he be able to answer? So I sent that BIG email.
I thought, who checks email often? So it will be probably a long time before he replies.
Maybe the postal email had had influenced me into thinking that.
After 3 weeks, I thought that maybe he had replied or not. I was doubtful. But I said, what the heck, lets try checking email anyway. If the reply has not been made, I will check again after some weeks...
I checked and found to my utter surprise - 2 things -
1. The reply had been made within hours of when I had sent that mail..........could it be possible? Email is a miracle!!!
2. The shortness of his reply. Maybe one or two lines. He just gave me a URL where all the info about how to win the game was written.

He He He.....
I still remember that....

But I still believe Email is a miracle!



hey I have the final exam of one course tomorrow, and I am wasting time blogging.......:-(

nothing much to write at the moment...

April 27, 2002

Just so many things...

Homeworks, Homeworks, Projects, Term Papers, Exams, Research Papers, Textbooks, Class Notes, Job Searching,.....Eating, Sleeping, Talking, Communicating, Checking to see that we dont run into anyone, Being Rational, Planning, etc etc etc etc etc

How can people do this....incredible....marvellous creation - a man is!!

I am definitely not one of those marvellous creations......from where will I take time out of Surfing and Blogging, to do all these....... not for me......

Becoming more indisciplined


I am becoming more and more indisciplined, and that is taking me nowhere.....

I must get organized, disciplined, sincere.....

Well.....thats what I have been saying to myself all my life.... :-)

April 26, 2002

Hello World!

Hello World..........!!

This is my first post....so this is basically for testing....:-)

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