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May 7, 2002

Exams Over!

EXAMS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 5, 2002


I think I have learnt a lesson in this semester - one should do homeworks and assignments on time.

Strange, I had never learnt this lesson throughout my life before. Maybe, I had never the need for that - I just went in the flow, copying all the others, in other words, conforming . And that meant I never thought about whether one should do homeworkds, I just did them without thought...

Now that I had stopped following the crowd, I did not do the homeworks (i did many but not all)....and now at the end of the sem, I realize that I should have done those.

Point to remember for the next sem....

May 4, 2002

it finally finished

just to complete that -

it finished at 64.

anybody who's done it before?
64 continuous hours in woken up state - almost all of which is just sitting in front of computer and studying.


May 3, 2002


he he
its now 60 hours.
And surely, will go on for a few more.
Testing the flexibilty of the body, and mind.
Anybody broken this record of mine, 60 hours of continuous(almost) study? And most probably i will survive a few more so it could touch 68-70 or something.


May 2, 2002

Sleep or the lack of it!

Its been 34 hours since I woke up. And out of those 34 hours, i have spent around 26.75 hours in front of this computer which i am now sitting.....
and its not over yet.....i intend to complete a half century of hours being completely awake - studying at that. much for sleep.....!

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