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September 21, 2004

Death (Incomplete)

I think death is the most important of all truths about Life. It is the most important truth of life. You can understand life itself better if you begin the process of understanding from death.

For example, I was reading the life history of Eric Berne, whose book "What do you say after you say Hello" I had read a bit. (That book is another story in itself). Now he wrote so many books. If you read that book "What do you say after you say Hello", then you will realize that he had reached heights of understanding of people and their behavior. That book he just completed before his death, and was very happy the way it turned out. He had just sent the manuscript for publication, and then only a few weeks later he got one heart attack, got admitted in hospital, and he died.


September 16, 2004


Its so wonderful. After all, what all people actually want - is - to be loved.

Love you! :)


September 10, 2004

Pre-laid pattern

The pattern is laid out. You just need to follow. And you are guaranteed a reasonably good time here. On earth.

If you start looking in orthogonal directions, be very very very sure about it -- the pattern has been formed after millenia of trial and error. Even if your methods are right, be sure its not very much in conflict with the system.


September 8, 2004

Sweetest Dreams

Some of my sweetest dreams are those in which I get a nod from a delightful, wonderful, beautiful friend for joining me in this long journey and creating a magical world filled with love and caring, a world that helps grow and sustain between us and everybody in our little world all that is beautiful about life -- laughter, cheerfulness, wonder, appreciation, love, sacrifice, caring, individual creativity, support, function, etc.

I think I might have been a little too distracted.

Lets try to make this my goal of life.


September 2, 2004

Money (Incomplete)

"I want to earn a lot of money. I should be able to make other people in my family happy with the money. Job will be to earn money, while I will seek happiness through family bliss.


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