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December 15, 2004

joining, uniting

the world's beauty is in uniting rather than differentiating....

saying "I need you", rather than saying "I am strong, I can do on my own"

saying "lets walk together", rather than saying "I can run fast"

saying "I have problems, can you help me?", rather than saying "I will solve my problems on my own"

saying "you know things are bad....", rather than saying "things are going just great"

saying "they are our problems, we'll solve them together", rather than "i am for me, you are for you"

lets come close, and walk together.

December 14, 2004

Google massively digitizing books

The New York Times > Technology > Google Is Adding Major Libraries to Its Database

Hmm. Brave.

December 12, 2004


hmmmm .... in order to keep this blog useful.... I guess I should do some periodic updating about whats going the real world...up in this corner.

Well.... yesterday saw "Halchal" -- came about as one of the worst films in my recent viewing history. Some good comedy but that is only a small respite between a voilent, anger-filled, family-enemity-based storyline, which is almost unbearable.

Today planning to go to 17 mile drive with Manish and his mummy. Abhishek is also going to come along. Sumit has some work to do. Seems to be getting influenced by Kumaril. ;)

Had off-and-on plans of going to LA... finally decided against it.... I can meet Amit, bhabhi, uncle, aunty later during the Christmas probably.

Yes, and not to forget, I went for the Asaramji Bapu's Satsang yesterday evening. Was held in Sanju Bhaiyya's place in Santa Cruz ... hmmm.... far away ... but had fun driving too. Worth going definitely... again got a reinforcing lesson on the powers of faith, and got to meet nice people! (more on faith coming soon)

December 10, 2004


When you get up in the morning and get ready, start your day, by turning on this om-jai-jagdish-hare aarti. Stand upright, close your eyes, join your hands, look down, concentrate on God. Dont think of much anything else. Try breaking your chain of thoughts. Forget about the world. God is higher than all this. Ofcourse it is difficult to do, but you will succeed a little bit. Concentrate on what is being said in the aarti, word by word. And concentrate on God.

You will experience bliss.

Then when you open your eyes, the world will look different.

The world is not about us, it is about God.


This chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Rama is wonderful too.

December 4, 2004

This Life (incomplete)

there is this really wonderful, charming world hidden behind these walls,
behind this carpet, behind this Television shows, behind the Telivision,
behind the fireplace, behind those God's idols sitting besides me, behind what I am, behind what
everybody is.

though these all seem common, exceeedingly common, it is only because the wonder
and "life" behind all these commonalities is also, pleasingly, common!

Life itself, which is nothing but the unflinching desire to life.

this song --- this song is not just a song. It is not just a collection of words, language, and rhyme. It has a whole history of emotions and culture embedded within it, that is not only huge, but beautifully huge. The woman in the song is not just saying something with meaning, but she is saying something that reflects the whole human life and world. The world of expectations, aspirations, love, fear, anxiety, insecurity, oneness, ego, .... The emotions where a man wants another to accompany him for life, the emotions in which a man wants to break free and go about it alone,


December 3, 2004

life is good

You laugh,
He laughs.

You cry,
He cries.

You cry,
He laughs.

You smile.

Life is good!

The China Price!

4 excellent articles on how China (and India) is underbidding the US on price..!

There is a smaller editorial article in the same businessweek issue which sums up things:

How can such an excellent magazine (if u want to subscribe to One magazine, subscribe to businessweek) give such excellent articles away for free on their website?

December 2, 2004

emotions and life

emotions are strong
emotions are life
emotions of love, friendship, community, caring, desires, .... make up life.


Though it does help us survive, its not what we live for.

Poems have been written, songs have been written, plays, movies, all art, many lives revolve around it. The whole world revolves around it. Emotions.

Thats what we are, and will be.

population and happiness

Why is life getting harder when the population of the world is increasing?

The increase in population is making people work harder since the competition is increasing a lot...Like in India, because of population, there is a fight for resources, and people in general have to do a lot more just to survive in the society.

Here in the US, life is easy. People dont have to trouble themselves a lot in order to live a happy, fulfilling life. At least personal fulfillment is easier, although family happines is a little more problematic. It is always kind of a balance, when personal fulfillment becomes easier, people tend to move away from familial bliss. This is debatable as to what exact balance should be more desirable for a society.

Anyway, the point is that personal fulfillment is also a big thing in these non-spiritual times, and it is more difficult to get when there is bigger fight for resources because of higher population. And hence, in those places, life becomes harder because of increased competition.

Now the population of India and China will start having adverse effects on ease of life OUTSIDE India and China as exchange of services and resources becomes easier on a global scale. Life in the US and other developed countries will become more difficult, and Americans will have to work harder in order to remain competitive with the Indian and Chinese juggernaut. (after all population is power for a country)

However, the thing that pops up into the mind is that why is the effect of higher population not positive. In other words, why is the increase in population not increasing quality of life, as it should have done, if we think from the perspective that the extra population will be able to provide more services and resources at a higher rate than their increase in raw number because of the developed economics in effect today.

When there are extra people, why cant they be used to get more work done and thus make the world better and easier to live in?

Well, actually yes, I think we are gaining in quality of life from extra people. Lives are becoming better.

Only the problem is that we measure our success as relative to the other people. So your success is counted not as an absolute value, but a relative factor among the population. In other words, you dont actually want to be successful, but you want to become better than, say, 2/3rd of the remaining population, which will always be more difficult with a higher population. (since a bigger population will be able to put up a better fight for resources).

So our expectations have increased, in order to maintain relative success.

As I think --- "Whether you have what you expect to have, determines (single-handedly?) whether you are happy."

So maybe, however much the human race develops, people will always need to struggle to feel successful in life, since their relative definitions of happiness will also climb up.

December 1, 2004

Indian Bloggers

This seems a good way to start doing some time pass.

You can read various Indians' blogs from various parts of the world.

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