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my picture with Shubhra

First some professional information about my real world counterpart, apart from his pic with his wife Shubhra on the left:

His formal Resume is: PAGES PDF

He now works at Apple, since May 2011. He worked for a long time as a Sr. Software Engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA, USA. He was previously a Software Engineer for some months at Paypal (an eBay company), and was an intern for a few months at a storage security startup -- Lightline Software Inc -- where he completed a gruelling and highly fulfilling development experience.

With regards to formal education, he has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California. While there, he also worked part time for a year with the Apollo Project under Prof. Massoud Pedram.

You can contact him via email through grkhetan at gmail. or via this Online form

The rest of the website is mostly personal in nature.

Some of his random pictures: < Him holding a sleeping Arnav, son of his brother Amit, bhabhi Manisha, in this pic > < One of his photo with his sister when they were small > < One recent photo of his family when they visited US >

Now, I am taking over, I need to express, and thus create myself.

Feel free to browse the following pretty much useless pages. I know that you dont manage your time well, do you?

You are warned: These pages are a strange mix of ethos, pathos and logos; and you might find this mix a little unnatural and inconsistent. But, I, by my very nature, am not constrained by the usual restrictions on worldly beings...

This website is also viewable via a horizontal mirror if you so desire.

Basic Principle on which I operate:
I will be happier with you than without you (-GK)
If you judge people, you have no time to love them. -- Mother Teresa.
Now moving along on the lines of:
If I am happy, you will be happier. (-GK)
And moving towards believing:
The unexamined life is atleast as worth living as the examined. (-GK)

I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie. And Good Will Hunting was one of the movies that I liked the most. The Upside of Anger, was really touching, and superbly acted and directed.

By the way:

Well, there are atleast a few ways to waste time here.

What is constant [me myself!] What is constant [not me myself!] What keeps changing

Here is a little background, and a little self behavior analysis about me. Some more stuff about me you can find on the old about me page.

If I am asked to remember my life, after spending a million years in heaven, then what I would remember about this life? My family and friends! Yes, the people. Its the people that make this life of ours. (apart from the Internet). Watch out for the People page that is coming up. Whenever I schedule my time to give 30 mins to that, I will make it. Its only a matter of time -- wait -- I am not pre-emptible, am I?

Some old pages are also here:

Computer Programs: Some programs that I have written.

Gothello:: This program plays the strategy board game of Othello.

Essential Movies List: A Big List of movies I intend to watch some time or the other

USC FAQ: Useful information about USC for prospective students

Books: In my attempt to completely virtualize my real life's information, I have written here a list of books that I have, maybe to just keep a list online.

Emacs commands: Just a little personal resource

Notes on Indian Philosophy: Some basic notes on Indian Philosophy

Some old pages are also here:

Thought Blog: This is a blog where I post my thoughts, ramblings, links I find on the Internetc

Pictures: You might want to have a look at some of these pictures, to see whats happenning these days around here, like how fat I have grown these days;)

Quotations: Some nice quotations I keep collecting

Bookmarks: A big collection of hand-picked links, is continuously updated. Also available as a flat HTML Bookmarks file. (Contact me if you want an importable version)

Lost: My favorite TV series currently on.

My Stock investments

GuestBook: View and Write your comments in this guestbook

Some Archived tidbits: <out-of-date> (Past Tidbits)

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Feel free to write to me about anything: contact page or write your comments in the GuestBook

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