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December 1, 2003

Society (Incomplete)

Society can be looked at in various ways. One of them is for exchange of services. You give some, you get some. The more you give, the more you get. A measure of what you give, is money, and you try to get as much money as possible to get more services from the society. Then society is for memetic growth. Memes simply means bits of information. In the same manner as man undergoes the process of genetic evolution, the society undergoes memetic evolution. The memes that are better, more useful, more desirable, gets passed on more, and thus is selected for further evolution. In fact, all of science, arts, and everything in the human society is somehow related to memes. For example, Newtons theory was a meme, and then people used that meme to build more memes, and so on. Memes are also small small things, like how do you cook, how do you exercise, how do you talk, etc etc Then the third important way society is used, is for exchange of emotions.

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