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March 31, 2004

An individual

An individual is considered an "individual" if he seeks fun (or happiness) , and through his journey to this time, he has found ways with which he can satisfy his desire for happiness. The methods he has found for his happiness serve as a "signature", and an individual is an "individual" when he has some "signature". Individuals without signatures are looked upon as non-entities, non-individuals.

Strangely, this signature concept is so imbibed in the minds of almost all men in the world, that it is trite.

This concept must have some fundamental cause, considering its universal acceptance.

However, it is interesting to appreciate the possibility that a person might not always make moves towards his happiness. He may not have a clear definition of his own happiness, or maybe he has not learnt to move towards it. He might not have the desire to move towards it. Or, most commonly, he may have some problems (originating within self or outside) interfering in his effort.

Are these people not "men"?


March 21, 2004


In my reality, this is the way things should be done. This is the way things are done. This is the way people behave. This is the kind people are. These things happen. These thing should happen. This is good, this is bad. This is life.

My version of reality is based on my experience.

Your version is based on yours.

A person normally prefers to stay in his version of reality, and learn new concepts only if they create minor conflicts with the existing concepts in his current reality.

It often happens sometimes, a person makes the mistake of trying to wander through other people's minds and alternate versions of reality to generate the absolute. He works hard. He studies, he compares, he analyzes. He thinks, he feels, he observes. He somehow tries, subjectively and objectively, to try to reach the absolute point, where reality fits seamlessly with all experiences, all views, all emotions, all abstract "must-be"'s. He tries to create the right reality.

But, from my experience, I have concluded that to come up with this absolute version of reality is indeed, impossible. No matter how much time you spend, no matter how much you analyze, no matter how intelligent you are, no matter how skillfully you try to solve the problem, you will not end up solving it all. There is no right, there is no wrong. Everything is indeed relative. No person can go through all the myriad experiences that each of us goes through. No person can analyze, generalize, and summarize all morality.

But should this fact deter us from pursuing enhancements to our reality? Should this stop us from going out, talking with people, and trying to create a better "right"?

Should we still try to debate and find the correct view when we know that all views are inherently flawed?

Should we take part in the marathon, when we know that it has no end?

Furthermore, should we take part in that endless marathon, when we know that we ourselves are here for a short time?

I dunno.

However, this reminds me of this Robert Byrne quote:

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."



When I look at the Moon, the moon calls me,
When I look at the Ocean, the ocean calls me,
When I look at the Forest, the forest calls me,
When I look at a flower, the flower calls me.

When I look at a mountain, the mountain calls me,
When I look at the sky, the sky calls me.

When I look at a building, the building calls me,
When I look at a car, the car calls me.

When I look at him, he calls me,
When I look at her, she calls me.

When I look at Him, He calls me.



The winds of time, blowing upon the sands of life,
Inevitably blow away the stones that lie on it:
The stones of ego, material desire, and immortality,
The only stone that fiercely withstands this test,
Is the stone of Love.


March 3, 2004

A developed country?

Welcome to the United States. The 7th most developed country (PDF) in the world with the second highest per capita income of US$34K (Luxembourg is first). The country with 8 of the 10 richest people of the world.

But when any person from a non-Western country comes in, he sees a different picture of reality. People are always worried whether they will be have enough money to be able to survive their old age. They devote their life to plan their finance so that they have retirement money. They choose to have less children or none at all so that they dont have to spend much money. They don't want to marry since an eventual divorce is unaffordable. They do not have enough money for college. They do not have enough money to pay the doctors, they have to take insurance. They dont have spare money to give to their brothers, sisters, parents, children, nor their spouse.

Is there something wrong here, or is this, as usual, a result of my myopic insight and very limited knowledge?

Anyway, this does not alter my admiration for a country which became the world superpower in as little as two centuries...

UPDATE: I now think that my direct experience with Americans is too less for my views on them to make much sense.


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