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October 29, 2005

Appalling Indian attitude

ubi dubium ibi libertas: The Appalling Indian Attitude

This is a heart rending tale, of how inhumane things could be in Delhi.

Although I think that there are slight inadvertant exaggerations in the story, most of it will be true...

Absolute must read.

Thanks Aloke for the story.

Update: This blog post made me recover some respect for Indianness. And yes, now I am beginning to have slight doubts on the validity of the story.


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I believe this is true, from my personal experiences in Delhi and also attested by the residents of Delhi that they too have witnessed such inhumaneness at some point of time.

I still cannot beleive anybody would steal the purse of an injured person on the road. Rest of the story is understandeable given it is a personal interpretation of events.

Anyway, the value of human life in view of the varios social systems is much more here than in India, that is true.

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