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December 12, 2004


hmmmm .... in order to keep this blog useful.... I guess I should do some periodic updating about whats going the real world...up in this corner.

Well.... yesterday saw "Halchal" -- came about as one of the worst films in my recent viewing history. Some good comedy but that is only a small respite between a voilent, anger-filled, family-enemity-based storyline, which is almost unbearable.

Today planning to go to 17 mile drive with Manish and his mummy. Abhishek is also going to come along. Sumit has some work to do. Seems to be getting influenced by Kumaril. ;)

Had off-and-on plans of going to LA... finally decided against it.... I can meet Amit, bhabhi, uncle, aunty later during the Christmas probably.

Yes, and not to forget, I went for the Asaramji Bapu's Satsang yesterday evening. Was held in Sanju Bhaiyya's place in Santa Cruz ... hmmm.... far away ... but had fun driving too. Worth going definitely... again got a reinforcing lesson on the powers of faith, and got to meet nice people! (more on faith coming soon)


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