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December 4, 2004

This Life (incomplete)

there is this really wonderful, charming world hidden behind these walls,
behind this carpet, behind this Television shows, behind the Telivision,
behind the fireplace, behind those God's idols sitting besides me, behind what I am, behind what
everybody is.

though these all seem common, exceeedingly common, it is only because the wonder
and "life" behind all these commonalities is also, pleasingly, common!

Life itself, which is nothing but the unflinching desire to life.

this song --- this song is not just a song. It is not just a collection of words, language, and rhyme. It has a whole history of emotions and culture embedded within it, that is not only huge, but beautifully huge. The woman in the song is not just saying something with meaning, but she is saying something that reflects the whole human life and world. The world of expectations, aspirations, love, fear, anxiety, insecurity, oneness, ego, .... The emotions where a man wants another to accompany him for life, the emotions in which a man wants to break free and go about it alone,



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