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April 29, 2002

Early email bird!

hey i remembered a funny incident that happenned quite a while ago.
I was a college student, when Email had made its way into India, as usual well after the other developed countries.
I didnt know much of email, internet or anything.
while playing a computer game, I got stuck, and I tried very hard to proceed further in the game, but could not. There was an email address given to contact if I wanted some help - it was in the US.
I did not know anything about email.
But, then, since I did not know any other way, I decided to write an email.
I wrote one. It was a big one. Maybe enough to fill about 1-2 A4 size pages using standard fontsize. I described what powers I had gained. What enemies I had killed. What level had I reached. What secrets I had discovered. So that he understands the complete situation and suggests me a way to proceed. Otherwise how will he be able to answer? So I sent that BIG email.
I thought, who checks email often? So it will be probably a long time before he replies.
Maybe the postal email had had influenced me into thinking that.
After 3 weeks, I thought that maybe he had replied or not. I was doubtful. But I said, what the heck, lets try checking email anyway. If the reply has not been made, I will check again after some weeks...
I checked and found to my utter surprise - 2 things -
1. The reply had been made within hours of when I had sent that mail..........could it be possible? Email is a miracle!!!
2. The shortness of his reply. Maybe one or two lines. He just gave me a URL where all the info about how to win the game was written.

He He He.....
I still remember that....

But I still believe Email is a miracle!


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