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October 3, 2005

life as a celebration

Young man:

Treat life as a celebration -- celebration of the human spirit. Life is short; and you just have one of it. Make sure to appreciate all these colorful myriad human faculties, otherwise time will soon pass.

There are so many things wonderful about life --

  • the way we want to laugh out ourselves :-D
  • the way we want to accomplish so much in life, we try and learn techniques of how to get things done faster, and reliabily
  • the way we develop relationships with people, and have fun and happiness together; accomplish something together, grow together
  • the way we fight, quarrel on small things, as if we really like doing it (well, sometimes we do; and sometimes, quarelling leads to better solution for the situation)
  • the way we try to seek meaning (we should) in all our endeavors; and try to progress towards an enriching, fulfilling life;
  • the way we try to smile and solve problems; try to take an effort to make things better for as many people around us as possible
  • the way we feel insecure and nervous because of the great uncertainties that life, nature provide us, and how we seek emotional and material support to curb those feelings; how we need somebody to talk about the problems, issues that we are facing, and need his helping hand
  • the way we all, in the end, try to acheive the same things:
    1. a sense of accomplishment and meaning
    2. doing something worthwhile to us
    3. raise a happy, nourishing family
    4. fulfill our desires, and our responsibilites
    5. security for the future that we will be able to continue doing this
    6. a smile on our face
    All this because, we are afterall, the same people.. On the surface, we are different, but we all come from the same old ancestors right there in Africa...we are all brothers and sisters. Though we like to divide ourselves, in order to have someone to compare against, and in order to have a better sense of identity, we cannot ignore the same hunger for love in everybody's eyes..
  • the way we all feel some attraction to the wrong side..., to things like drugs, and lust, which blind us and make us ignorant of the way we wanted to go, and the way we are going
  • the wonderful arts that we have created -- the glorious ways we have learned to draw, paint, dance, sing, play,...
  • the wonderful society that we have created.. with such nobel insituitions such as marriage, government, religion, industry,.. all meant to further celebrate our existence

Young man, time is short; dont let this time go away; live fulfillingly, meaningfully; and appreciate and celebrate our existence and its infinite infinitely magnificent dimensions...


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Thanks a lot for the very nice link Aloke. It is a huge article... finished reading some of it already.
Does mention about positive psychology.

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