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May 6, 2005

Working - and limit of knowledge

A big difference of our working life as against student life, is that in our working life, we put in 40-50 hours of the week into doing a focussed task.

Our knowledge of work and life, grows only in this singular direction -- the area where we are working on.

We dont get much time for learning other things.

After work, we feel like enjoying life with friends and relatives, instead of learning anything more.

So our whole life, gets kind of limited, and we have to find our happiness in this restricted life.

Whereas in student life, I was learning extensively about everything and anything daily.

So in this work life; people's attitudes and life culture and ways of looking at life also tend to remain the same; and we try to go into a "uni-directional tunnel" where we cant see anything around us.

Of course, different people are different; and many people keep learning aa lot of new things throughout their life. But I am talking about the many who are there who dont.

Though, attitudes dont change dramatically, they slowly change towards maturity: the grown up worldview: which is having these things in mind and action:
- everyone is trying to make his life better
- we will try for a while to get along, if it doesn work, then we will move away; we dont need to make a lot of an effort to mix or change for the benefit of others.
- since we know already how to live: we can earn money now.
- if our life paths are the same, its good; otherwise: hard luck.
- get things done reliably
- know what we want, and what is good for us; and take action based on that



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