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January 26, 2005

The Social Applicability

Nothing is required. Nothing is necessary. Nothing "should" be done, or followed.

Everything is just a means for us -- a means for helping us smile in our own current social world.

If anything isnt successful in that effort, it is eventually abandoned. (or rather, "should be"? )

Although, science and technology are applied to make "things" and change lifestyles, it affects our social life so very subtly over a short period of time, that its adoption only happens as far as it satisfies the above criterion. Only over a longer period of time, does it affect our very social life itself. (This period is becoming shorter though over time). Not that that is necessary or wanted.


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I'm actually thinking that running water, electricity, and high-speed internet access are actually required.

That's just me though.

I think they were adopted only because they made people smile in their own social world.

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