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March 3, 2004

A developed country?

Welcome to the United States. The 7th most developed country (PDF) in the world with the second highest per capita income of US$34K (Luxembourg is first). The country with 8 of the 10 richest people of the world.

But when any person from a non-Western country comes in, he sees a different picture of reality. People are always worried whether they will be have enough money to be able to survive their old age. They devote their life to plan their finance so that they have retirement money. They choose to have less children or none at all so that they dont have to spend much money. They don't want to marry since an eventual divorce is unaffordable. They do not have enough money for college. They do not have enough money to pay the doctors, they have to take insurance. They dont have spare money to give to their brothers, sisters, parents, children, nor their spouse.

Is there something wrong here, or is this, as usual, a result of my myopic insight and very limited knowledge?

Anyway, this does not alter my admiration for a country which became the world superpower in as little as two centuries...

UPDATE: I now think that my direct experience with Americans is too less for my views on them to make much sense.


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