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November 29, 2003


Even to do a task has been a nightmare for me these days. I start about a task enjoying it, and taking my own time for it, and then I am frequently pinged by my work assigner that the task has to be completed.

It is a strange thing for me. Uptil now, whenever I did something, I did it for enjoying it coolly, slowly, and taking my own time. For example, completing my school homeworks, or spending hours just surfing for what I wanted to. But, a company works on deadlines, and it has to complete a given task in a particular amount of time. And yes, its got to be completed. Whether you really got time to enjoy it or not, whether you liked doing it or not, is not particularly important.

In fact, doing a task to get it completed is a concept which I am not able to appreciate even if I try to. It does not satisfy the romantic in me.

But it appears that its got to be done that way if you wanna survive.

And maturity is in learning how to survive.


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