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August 1, 2003

To share or not to share

2 years before, just some time after I joined USC, I was thinking of buying a bike to traverse from home to school. But there was this hesitation I had. I used to come by the school tram (bus) from my apartment to the campus. Though bikes looked appealing since they increase productivity and reduce effort, they will make me more alone... When travelling on the tram, I got to meet fellow students, some whom I already knew and some whom I didnt, and thus could use that time for socializing. When travelling on the bike, I was alone.

Later I found myself in a parallel situation when I was thinking about buying a laptop. I used to use computers in the school public labs and I met a lot of people there. In fact, most of the new people I had met were those I had met in the public labs of the school. If, however, I used a laptop, then I would have to sit in the library in a cubical alone, and surf there. Or maybe use it at home further reducing social interaction. The desktop is even worse: you wont leave your home at all if you get one!

Yes, its quite obvious - use public things and you are surrounded by the public, use your own things and you are surrounded by your own things...

Attend schools and you will meet other students. Pay the teacher to come and teach you at home, and you will meet just the teacher.

Live on earth and you get 6 billion people. Buy a whole planet all for yourself, you get the planet.

I have been up all night, so I am probably spilling out non-sense.


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