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April 6, 2003


The following is a copy of an email I had sent out recently.

your and his views demonstrate different views of looking at life and the world, both equally valid, which points to a strong sense of nihilism.

As soon as you "EVALUATE" any Objective Fact as right, wrong, good, or bad, YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE.

You are generalizing a lot (you hardly know anything) and making a huge number of assumptions.

The whole base of ethics is built on "life is good", and that is a big assumption, since this is not your intelligence that is saying this, this is what your genes and physical body is saying.

About the article, I would say that approach presented there is closer to the fundamental Life-is-Good ethics principle: the approach taken is very pro-life, and is based on the hypothesis that the needs of survival and reproduction of all living beings are more pro-life, than satisfaction of other desires (like comfort, luxury, emotional satisfactions based on non-living things, something I call the least-effort principle where man tries to fulfill all his other desires in the minimum effort possible giving rise to desire for money [Update: now that I search, this least-effort principle may have its origins from here ], etc) of some.

XYZ wrote,
> ha ha ha!
> how can people be so stupid...
> Gaurang Khetan wrote
> > This In Context article is a must read on peace, spirituality, etc.
> >
> >

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