This blog is not linked from elsewhere on the site. This is a personal diary, where I will write things I wouldnt usually want to tell others. Based on introspection, they are a result of my struggle to cope up with my huge internal problems. For my worldly picture, look at my website and/or my thought blog and/or my commune blog.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

resolution 1

I cant be hanging like this for a long time. I need to come up with some resolutions to these problems, and live life.

Lets start:
- with whatever I am, whoever I am, with all of my problems, deficiencies, incompetencies, and bad behavior patterns, I am a person, I need to live a good, happy life, and spend a nice time with my friends and relatives. I have to take care of myself and lot many other people - my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my to-be family, etc. I need to learn how to live a good life, and live it. I need to be hard, strong, and fight life out. I need to find ways out of problems. I have to take life as a responsibility, a difficult one at that, to live life out. Lets smile and be ready for the battle with a renewed spirit that never goes down, and keeps fighting against all odds and ends. The spirit of life - the determination to live a happy life.

Laugh, listen to melodious songs, and continue.


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