Past Tidbits

September 11, 2002
The United States won more than two-thirds of the Nobel Prizes awarded in Science during the last 25 years.

May 29, 2002
Do you know the Meaning of Life?

May 1, 2002
I have started my blog!!

March 18, 2002
The United Nations Development Programme annually publishes a report called the Human Development Report. The core of the latest report is a document titled Human Development Indicators, which contains some really interesting and informative statistics about the Human Development of the world today as a comparison between approx 150 countries. The fact to be noted is that, life is really a lot better in the developed countries than the others...
Here are some excerpts comparing India and the USA.

Mar 5, 2002
Did you know that if the state of California was a separate nation, its economy would have been the sixth largest among all nations in the world!!!

Mar 2, 2002
One interesting thing has happenned.
First the contact me page had just 4 fields - Name, Email, Subject, Comments.
And recently I added two fields to them - Country, Where-did-you-come-to-know-of-this-site.
And, suddenly, the number of incoming messages from the form have drastically dropped!
Wow, people really dont like to fill out long forms!!
I am seriously considering dropping those 2 new fields and retain the original format.

Feb 25, 2002
We all know ABCD = American Born Confused Desi..
But did you hear about DCBA...
Desi Chala Banne American...
American Born Confused Desi, Emigrated From Gujarat, Housed In Jersey, Keeping Lotsa Motels, Named Omkarnath Patel, Quickly Reached Success Through Underhanded Vicious Ways, Xenophobic Yet Zestful....!

Feb 3, 2002
Have you heard of Wikipedia before? Wikipedia is an OPEN and FREE encyclopedia...Anybody can edit any page!.....Maybe someday it will contain all of human knowledge put by people voluntarily....

Jan 31, 2002
New Scientist recently produced probably the first ever "copylefted" (instead of copyrighted) article ever in commercial magazine history. Well, why would they do so? The article was itself about copylefting and open source in general. A scientist discusses the pros and cons of Open Source. It has been copied to this website and you can read it here.. (Benefit of copylefting!!)

Jan 31, 2002
Have you ever thought, were you given a "choice" before using those Microsoft products....Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, etc.? Have you tried other options? Well, you should! Have you ever thought about the Unix-like operating systems floating around? Have you ever thought about "Free" Software? What do you think about Free software? Read this nice article by Richard Stallman, founder of GNU. Its a good read. Some more similar articles are available at this location.

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