These are some photos that are from various trips/events/general. I haven't been diligent on adding all of them, but I did manage to get in several.

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December 11, 2007 Hike on San Antonio Rancho park in Los Altos Group hike at work
November 11, 2006 Hike on Windy Hill Aloke, Mohit and myself went on a lazy Saturday... to the beautiful Windy Hill Hike, just west of Palo Alto.
October 21, 2006 Diwali Album2 Diwali Puja at our place and then Sumit's.
September 9, 2006 London Transit Stayed at Ashwin's place in London for 2 days during transit at London
July 4, 2006 Trip to Crator Lake, OR This time, Rajat and Pragya from Los Angeles, Amit and Nidhi from Seattle, and Jitendra, Manish, Pooja, and myself from SF Bay Area, teamed up to reach Crator Lake in Oregon. This trip was very successful, we saw the beautiful Crator Lake, the snow, did self-manuevered class 1/2 rafting, had some real good food, and visited a couple of very beautiful waterfalls, in some beautiful woods.
May 29, 2006 Trip to Denver, Colorado This was a fun trip with Yogesh, Chinmay, Chetan, Abhishek, myself ... And ofcourse some very nice people whom we stayed with. We had it all -- heat, gorge, rivers, inclining trains, highest bridges, seven layered waterfalls, highest paved road, very high peaks, snow, snow storms, beautiful valleys, greenery, tundra, rafting, water, streams, puzzles, lateral thinking, pictionary, family, good food, chinmay's jokes, heated debates, and so on...
Dec 11, 2005 Nahan/Jalwa of Arnav (Baby) This was a traditional marwari function for the new born baby (to my brother & sis-in-law). Lots of people were there, and I enjoyed the function a lot. It was held at our house.
Nov 13, 2005 Winter Funk Dance by Stepz I took part in this -- see our rehearsal snaps, I will shortly put up a DVD video clip
Nov 1, 2005 Diwali Potluck at our house
Oct 24, 2005 Amit Bhaiyya/Manisha Bhabhi's new son Arnav Pics
Sep 19, 2005 Potluck Sunday Lunch at House
Sep 4, 2005 Redwood National Park This was extremely beautiful. Many trees, and some really nice walks. Went with Aloke, Mohit, Ankur and Sumit.
July 27, 2005 Sequioa & King Canyon National Parks Rajat, Pragya, Bhuvan, Divyesh and myself went to this park. It was great, and we saw pretty interesting stuff. These are photos of one of the cameras.
May end, 2005 Yosemite National Park Trip Yogesh, Chinmay, Chirag, Sumit and myself were in one car, and the other car had Mohit and his friends. Due to lack of cell phone signal at the park, we two cars separated after our night camp and hardly met in the park; nevertheless, the parks were very beautiful, and the trip was very enjoyable!
Apr 10, 2005 Hiking Trip to Mission Peak With Aloke and Mohit. This was beautiful, and a good hike.
Mar 26-27, 2005 Lake Tahoe Trip Trip to Lake Tahoe with Manish and his parents. This was wonderfully beautiful; Manish's Album 2
Mar 19-20, 2005 ATP Masters Series Tennis, Indian Wells Trip to Indian Wells near Los Angeles to see ATP Master Series Tennis Tournament with Sumit, Aloke, Mohit, and Ankur; Aloke's Album 2
Mar 5-6, 2005 Trip to Chicago To meet Ashish Chandak, Jitendra Rane, Ashish Tapi and Rahul Gandhi. Thanks to Ashish
Feb 6, 2005 Trip to Santa Cruz Beach With Manish, Sumit, Abhishek, Shantanu, and Manish's mom. Webshots this time. Thanks to Manish
Dec 26, 2004-Jan 1, 2005 Los Angeles/Las Vegas New Year trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Parag
Sep 4-5, 2004 Pranav's trip to Bay Area
Jul 24, 2004 San Francisco Pictures with Rajat, Pragya, and Milind
Jul 4, 2004 Crator Lake Trip Our trip to crator lake, oregon - with Sumit, Aloke, Milind.
May 31, 2004 Stinson Beach trip With Bhaiyya and Bhabhi

May 13, 2004 My Graduation Pictures; Rajat's Album 2

Dec 2003-Jan 2004 Family came over to the US
Jul 4, 2003 Our trip to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe; Thanks to Aloke; & Babel for the camera
Jul 24, 2002 Las Vegas Trip Snaps on July 24, 2002: Thanks to Rajat


Myself and Friends

First set of photos from my new digital camera, mostly friends

Sumit constructed this wonderful panaromic picture of the crator lake (Caution: size 1MB), when we had been there for camping in July 4, 2004 weekend.

Yahoo Photos

Arun's Yahoo Photos: Thanks to Arun

VIT - Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, my undergrad college

My Class Photo (150KB): 2001 Batch of Electronics Engineering at VIT, Pune, India. ( Big sized version (617KB) )

Although I have more snaps to upload, I havent scanned/uploaded them yet due to my laziness :-( .

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