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Name Gaurang Ramakant Khetan
Date of Birth September 4, 1979
Place of Birth Akola, India
Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA., United States of America.
Basic Education

Upto 10th Grade: Mt. Carmel English High School, Akola.
Junior College: RLT College of Science, Akola

Higher Education

Bachelor of Engineering - Major: Electronics
at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India
Master of Science - Major: Computer Science (currently pursuing)
at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Idols My father ; Mahatma Gandhi
I admire Euclid, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Science, Beauty, Nature, Religion, People who make a difference to others (positively).

My heart will go on (Titanic); Jab koi baat bigad jaye (Jurm); Yaara silli silli (Lekin); Pehla nasha (QSQT);Tumse naaraz nahin zindagi (Masoom)


A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawkings; Artificial Life, Steven Levy; Courage and Confidence, Norman Vincent Peale; 2001- A Space Odyssey, Arthur C Clarke

Interests Thinking, Improving self and others, Learning, Programming, Listening to melodious songs, Adventure, Space, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Artificial Life/Artificial Intelligence, Helping, Admiring beauty.
Fascinated by Beauty in Complexity of the self-generated non-living and the self-evolved living.
Goal (changes every moment!) To contribute to Knowledge.
Known For Nothing yet!



Glad to know that somebody wants to know about me...

Well, most of my life till now has turned out better than I wanted, expected, needed.

I have been blessed with the best of families I could get. The most loving, caring father, mother, brother and sister I could have got. I really love them. Looking back into the past, I realize the singular role they have played to make me what I am today.

I couldnt have a better set of friends, from whom all I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.

I am most thankful to God for giving me such wonderful friends and family.

I believe living is equivalent to learning and exploring.

And there are innumerable things to learn and explore...

If you have not skiied on top of very high snowy mountains, cruised on large stretches of water, sat on a machan in a tree in a dense forest to watch the scary wildlife, trekked on the Himalayas, sky dived, visited numerous countries, talked to people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, regions, went underwater diving, went beyond the earth's atmosphere (Space), learnt about different religions, developed the ability to appreciate art, you have yet to live your life.

I believe the highest virtue a man can attain is: interest in making other peoples' lives better.
Formally: non-voilence, honesty, kindness, truthfulness, non-harming, helping, etc.

I believe happiness is your wish. No person, thing, money, situation can give you happpiness. You can be happy if you want irrespective of anything else.

And one must learn to find happiness in the present, instead of setting conditions on it and hoping to get it in the future when the conditions are met. "Oh, I would be a so happy man if only I could have that....if only that could have happenned...", these are all useless. Be happy what you have, what exists in the present. This is "as good as it gets!".

Rest Later.

I will write when I have more time.

Enjoy Life in your own way, while it lasts.

Where is the time to hate,
When there is so little time to love.




* Daily Trojan is the student newspaper of USC published daily. I wrote my first article for it today, on Thursday September 27, 2001.

Here is the online link to my article in the daily trojan online edition.

If it gets removed from that location later, you can look at its stored copy here
Before editing, the article I wrote was this.


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