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Following is the collection of episode reviews of Lost by Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Lost's IMDB page. This should give a rough storyline, although with important points suppressed.


  1. Season 1
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 3

Season 1 (2004-2005)

  1. Pilot: Part 1

    After surviving a plane crash in a remote island, forty-eight survivors tries to organize themselves under the leadership of Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox). He decides to look for the transceiver in the cockpit of the plane, and travels through a forest with the mysterious Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and the rock and roll bass player Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan). Along their journey, they realize that there is a kind of predator in the woods threatening the safety of the group, and decide to hide the information from the others.

    The first part of the pilot episode of "Lost" is reasonable, and tries to glance over the survivors of the crash and their environment. It recalls 1987 "Predator" with an invisible strong monster slaughtering the pilot of the plane and chasing the trio in the forest. My vote is seven.

  2. Pilot: Part 2

    Jack, Kate and Charlie return to the group, but the transceiver is broken. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) fixes the apparatus and organizes an expedition with Kate, Charlie, Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace) and her brother Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) and the dangerous James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) to hike and climb a mountain to transmit a SOS. The group receives a sixteen years old distress call from a French woman in the island instead and kills a polar bear. They return to the survivor's base and decide to hide the information to preserve the hope of the group.

    The conclusion of the pilot episode of "Lost" is great, with a better explanation of some characters, promising a good series. I personally am attracted by the intriguing character of Kate, and the leadership of Jack. My vote is eight.

  3. Tabula Rasa

    The mysterious past of Kate Austen is partially disclosed through flashbacks, when she was betrayed in Australia and delivered to Marshal Edward Mars (Fredric Lane). However, what she did to be chased is not presented. Meanwhile, Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau) is preoccupied with the friendship of his son Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley) and the weird John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) and promises to find his dog Vincent to get his attention.

    "Tabula Rasa" is a good episode of "Lost", where the intriguing past of Kate is partially disclosed. The story is more dramatic than the pilot, and the lead characters are being very well developed. My vote is eight.

  4. Walkabout

    The survivors find that they do not have any food and John Locke organizes a peccary hunting with Kate Austen and Michael Dawson. Sayid Jarrah builds some antennas, trying to locate the source of transmission of the distress signal, and Kate offers to install them. Jack decides to burn the bodies since they are attracting wild animals to the survivor's base.

    "Walkabout" is a great episode where the past of John Locke is disclosed. The story is very well constructed, there is a miracle in the end, and the characters are becoming very dense. The community of the survivors seems to begin to reduce the intolerance among them and respect each other. My vote is eight.

  5. White Rabbit

    Dr. Jack Shephard is not able to save a survivor drowning in the sea and he becomes affected by the incident and the pressure of the community pointing him as a leader. Jack has visions of his father in the island and tries to chase him. Meanwhile, the finishing water supply is stolen, but Jack resolves his inner problems with his past and finds a source of water.

    This good episode discloses the past of Jack Shephard and the reasons why he was in flight 815. It calls the attention that all the characters disclosed to this moment have some sort of trouble in the past. Jack, for example, has an unresolved situation with his father. My vote is eight.

  6. House of the Rising Sun

    When Jin Kwon attacks and beats Michael Dawson, the survivors defend Michael and arrest Jin with a handcuff. Dr. Jack Shephard, Kate Austen and Charlie Pace go to the water source to bring water for the other survivors, and Jack tries to convince the survivors to move to the caves nearby the source of water. The group splits in two, with part staying at the beach expecting to find some rescue . ship or plane. Meanwhile John Locke finds out that Charlie is addicted and takes his drugs.

    This episode discloses the love story of Sun and Jin Kwon and the dark past of Jin. The communication between the Korean couple and the group improves when Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English, but Jin does not know. My vote is eight.

  7. The Moth

    Charlie Pace is obliged by John Locke to stay clean and feels the effect. Meanwhile, Sayid Jarrah, Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford tries to triangulate the French distress signal through antennas to find where the transmission source is located. When the cave collapses burying Jack , Charlie rescues him and win his inner battle against the drugs.

    In my opinion, "The Moth" is the best episode of "Lost" up to this moment, when the former life of Charlie Pace is disclosed and how he involved with drugs. I liked the metaphoric message using the fight of the moth to open the cocoon, and the butterflies flying in the end. My vote is nine.

  8. Confidence Man

    When the asthma medicine of Shannon Rutherford finishes, she has a chronic respiratory attack. Her brother Boone Carlyle convinces the survivors that James "Sawyer" Ford has stolen her spare medication, and Sayid Jarrah tortures Sawyer trying to find the drugs. Sawyer discloses an innermost secret to Kate Austen.

    In my opinion, "Confidence Man" is the second best episode of "Lost" up to this moment. The dark past of Sawyer is disclosed, when he swindled couples after seducing the wives. The misleading of his letter is a great shift in the story. My vote is nine.

  9. Solitary

    Ashamed with his behavior torturing Sawyer, Sayid Jarrah decides to leave the group of survivors and travel alone through the island, trying to find the source of transmission and map the place. He is arrested and tortured by the French survivor Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan) and recalls his beloved Nadia (Andrea Gabriel). Meanwhile, Hurley Reyes builds a golf course and the survivors play golf in a sunny field.

    "Solitary" is a reasonable episode of "Lost", where the dark past of torturer of Sayid is disclosed. His adventure with Rousseau and Nadia is not bad, but the golf game is silly. My vote is seven.

  10. Raised by Another

    The sleepwalker Claire Littleton is hold by Charlie Pace during a nightmare. In the next night, she claims that she was attacked, but Jack believes she is stressed due to the pregnancy and imagining things. Claire becomes upset with the situation, and while recalling her past, she decides to move to the beach with the company of Charlie. Meanwhile, Hurley Reyes decides to prepare a query to find out who each survivor is. He compares the results with the flight manifest and realizes that the weird Ethan Rom (William Mapother) was not in the flight while Sayid Jarrah returns telling that they are not alone in the island. Jack looks for Claire and Charlie.

    "Raised by Another" is a great episode of "Lost". The interesting and mysterious past of the gorgeous Claire is disclosed, and there are good surprises and mysteries along the story. My vote is ten.

  11. All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

    Claire Littleton and Charlie Pace are abducted by Ethan Rom, and Dr. Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, John Locke and Boone Carlyle go after them. When the leads divide, the group split in two. Jack follows with Kate and recalls his sad past with his father. He struggles against Ethan and they find Charlie hanged in a tree later. Locke and Boone find a mysterious hatch in the woods.

    "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" is another great episode of "Lost". Tense and dramatic, the story discloses the past of Jack and his father, Dr. Christian Shephard (John Terry). The mystery is increasing and the anxiety to see the next episode grows. My vote is ten.

  12. Whatever the Case May Be

    Kate Austen is plucking and picking fruits and seeds in the woods, and James "Sawyer" Ford meets her. They find a beautiful lake with a waterfall and decide to swim. They find on the bottom of the lake a wallet, and Kate, while recalling her past, tries unsuccessfully to take the wallet from Sawyer. Meanwhile, Rose helps Charlie Pace to recover, and Sayid Jarrah asks Shannon Rutherford to translate some French maps he stole from Danielle Rousseau.

    "Whatever the Case May Be" discloses the dark past of Kate Austen, but the reason for the dispute for the wallet sounds silly, at least at this moment of the story. My vote is eight.

  13. Hearts and Minds

    Boone Carlyle is jealous of Sayid Jarrah, because he is close to his sister Shannon Rutherford. Boone tells John Locke that he wants to reveal the secret about the hatch in the woods to Shannon. Locke hits Boone, heals his head with a medicine and fastens him with a rope in a tree, living him alone in the forest. Boone recalls his complicated relationship with Shannon, while trying to rescue her from the forest.

    In "Hearts and Minds", the relationship between Shannon Rutherford and Boone Carlyle is finally disclosed. The story has a surprising plot point in the very end. My vote is eight.

  14. Special

    John Locke is teaching Walt Lloyd to throw knives, and Michael Dawson feels jealous with the situation. He forbids Walt to meet Locke, and recalls his romance with Walt's mother Susan Lloyd (Tamara Taylor). Walt becomes upset with the situation and decides to hike with Vincent into the woods. Locke and Boone Carlyle find Claire Littleton wandering in the forest.

    "Special" shows the relationship of Michael and Susan since they were sweethearts, and how Walt was separated from Michael. I liked this episode a lot, and the intriguing end with the mysterious appearance of Claire made me rush to the next episode. The surprising scene when Michael is hit by a car is amazingly and scarily perfect. My vote is nine.

  15. Homecoming

    Claire Littleton has amnesia, and Charlie Pace tries to help her to recover her memory. Meanwhile, he recalls his girlfriend Lucy (Sally Strecker) and how he destroyed their engagement due to heroine. Ethan Rom stalks Charlie in the forest, and tells Charlie to bring Claire back to him; otherwise he would kill one survivor per day. Dr. Jack Shephard, John Locke, Sayid Jarrah, James "Sawyer" Ford and Kate Austen organize a group to capture Ethan using Claire as bait and disclose the mystery of the island.

    "Homecoming" is one of the best episodes of "Lost". The tense story of Ethan and the past of Charlie hold the attention until the very last scene. My vote is ten.

  16. Outlaws

    James "Sawyer" Ford wakes up from a nightmare with a boar inside his tent. He finds his canvas in the woods, but is attacked by the animal. He decides to chase the boar with Kate Austen following its track in the forest. Along their hunting, Sawyer recalls his dark past since he was a child until his final revenge the against conman that destroyed his family.

    In "Outlaws", the life of Sawyer is disclosed and showed how he was deceived by Hibbs (Robert Patrick) and why he is such a crook. The trailing and hunting of the boar is just reasonable, but the past of Sawyer is interesting. My vote is eight.

  17. ... in Translation

    When Jin Kwon is having a serious quarrel with his wife Sun Kwon, Michael Dawson defends her. Later, when Michael's raft is burnt and Jin has his arms injured by heat, Michael and Sawyer blame him for the incident. Sun speaks in English to defend her husband and he feels ashamed leaving her. Jin recalls how his love for Sun was destroyed by her father. The author of the attempt is disclosed in the end and is the bigger surprise of the story.

    "In Translation" is a great episode of "Lost" where the obscure past of Jin in South Korea is disclosed, showing how violent Sun's father is. This episode shows also the beginning of the romance between Sayid Jarrah and Shannon Rutherford. My vote is nine.

  18. Numbers

    While Michael Dawson, Jin Kwon and Sawyer are rebuilding the raft burned in the last episode, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes sees the numbers in the maps stolen by Sayid Jarrah and decides hike alone and meet Danielle Rousseau. He recalls when he won millions of dollars in the lottery and had a jinx with a tremendous bad luck.

    "Numbers" is a very intriguing episode of "Lost" with a mysterious series of numbers affecting the life of Hurley and being found in different places in the island. This episode raises more questions than answers. My vote is nine.

  19. Deus Ex Machina

    John Locke unsuccessfully tries to open the mysterious hatch in the woods with the support of Boone Carlyle. Meanwhile, he recalls his past,when he was approached by a weird old lady, who claimed to be his biological mother. After the DNA examination proving their bonds, he decides to look for his wealthy father, where a huge surprise waits for him. Locke and Boone find a crashed airplane on the top of a tree, and Boone has a serious accident.

    "Deus Ex Machina" is an excellent episode, with a sordid tale of manipulation of human emotions. The dramatic story has a deep plot point that certainly will surprise the viewer. My vote is nine.

  20. Do No Harm

    John Locke brings the wounded Boone Carlyle to the caves and Dr. Jack Shephard realizes that he has severe internal injures, his lungs are perforated and his leg has an exposed fracture. Dr. Jack tries to fix Boone without the necessary resources, and recalls his former patient and fianc e Sarah (Julie Bowen), his engagement party and their vows. Meanwhile Claire is having contractions in the woods, and Kate helps her to deliver the baby. Shannon Rutherford is spending the night with Sayid Jarrah in a remote part of the beach.

    "Do not Harm" is probably one of the most dramatic episode of "Lost", exposing many emotional situations simultaneously. The conclusion of the story is very tense, with Dr. Jack ready to chase Locke. I am absolutely impressed with the beauty of the Australian actress Emilie de Ravin. My vote is nine.

  21. The Greater Good

    Dr. Jack Shephard decides to find John Locke. Sayid Jarrah meets Locke and recalls his past, when he was caught in London by CIA and the British Secret Service. As a former Republican Guard of Iraq, he is blackmailed by the authorities to find a terrorist Melbourne, and the information would be exchanged by the address of Nadia. Charlie Pace gives a nickname to Claire Littleton's baby, Turnip-Head, and takes care of him while Claire rests. Locke shows Sayid the Beechcraft and the place where it was perched in the canopy of the tree. He explains Sayid that he had a charley horse and Boone climbed the tree to investigate the interior of the airplane. The keys of the wallet with the guns are stolen from Jack.

    "The Greater Good" is a very complex episode, with many parallel stories. The betrayal of Sayid to his friend Essam Tasir (Donnie Keshawarz) is disgusting, but at least he learned that there is always a choice in life. My vote is nine.

  22. Born to Run

    Michael Dawson is advised by another survivor that the monsoon season will begin, and he needs to sail on the next morning. Kate Austen requests the spot of Sawyer in the craft, since its full capacity of four persons is fulfilled. When Michael is poisoned, the group suspects of Kate. She remembers her past with her friend Tom Brennan (Mackenzie Astin), when he was accidentally killed. Locke shows the hatch to Jack and Sayid.

    In "Born to Run", another part of the dark past of Kate is disclosed, inclusive the fatal accident with the owner of the miniature of airplane, and the survivors finally know that she was a prisoner of the federal agent. The weird advice of Walt to Locke seems to be a hint that another mysterious situation will happen. My vote is nine.

  23. Exodus: Part 1

    Danielle Rousseau arrives in the camp of survivors at the beach and advises that "The Others" are coming, since there is a black smoke in the sky, and they have three choices: run, to hide or die. Jack recalls his meeting with Ana Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez) in the airport. Meanwhile, the group is launching the raft in the sea. Sawyer tells Jack the conversation he had with his father in a bar in Australia. Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley and the boring Leslie Arzt (Daniel Roebuck) go in an expedition to bring explosives from the Black Rock to blow the hatch and shelter the survivors against "The Others". Meanwhile, Jin and Sun make peace and there are farewells to Michael, Walt, Sawyer and Jin.

    The first part of Exodus has many parallel stories in the airport and in the island, with many surprises. A new character, Ana Lucia, is introduced, and she tells Jack that she was sat in the back of the airplane. My vote is nine.

  24. Exodus: Part 2

    The survivors hike to the caves leaded by Sayid, and Claire and Charlie stay at the beach cleaning the baby. Danielle Rousseau abducts the baby from Claire and Sayid and Charlie chase her. Meanwhile, Jack, Kate and Locke bring the explosives from the hold of the Black Rock, and Arzt has a fatal accident with dynamite while explaining the danger of the nitroglycerin. Sayid show the airplane full of heroine to Charlie.

    "Lost - The Complete First Season" on DVD, at least in Brazil, has twenty-five episodes and Exodus is divided in three parts, the last one in the seventh DVD together with the Extras. The second part has many parallel stories in the airport and in the island, with many surprises, mainly the unexpected explosion of the dynamite. The soundtrack when the group is in the hold of the galleon is absolutely boring. Note to Michael: I do not like Bob Marley. My vote is nine.

  25. Exodus: Part 3

    Charlie and Sayid retrieve Aaron from Danielle. Walt is kidnapped in the raft. There is a discussion between Locke and Jack, where Locke would symbolize faith and Jack, science. Locke blows the hatch, against the will of Hurley, who had just seen the cursed numbers 4, 8, 15,16,23 and 42 in one side.

    This last episode (25) of Season One is also great, with the exception of the silly hurry of Hurley to catch the plane. My vote is nine.

Average vote for this season = 8.625

Season 2 (2005-2006)

  1. Man of Science, Man of Faith

    Jack recalls the accident of Sarah, a meeting with a guy called Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and how successful the surgery was. Kate shows the word "Quarentine" in the hatch door. While looking for Vincent, Shannon has a vision of Walt. Jack returns to the caves and gives hope to the other survivors. Kate descends in the shelter and vanishes, and Locke tries to find her and is captured. Jack comes back to the shelter trying to find Kate and Locke.

    In this first episode of the Second Season, I expected that the mystery about the shelter was disclosed, but it was not. I am still guessing what that mysterious place might be. The story is full of suspense and excellent as usual. My vote is nine.

    Obs: I saw the First Season of Lost on DVD, and I have just seen the six first episodes of Season Two in a Marathon of Lost in a cable television channel (AXN). However, it is a shame: lots of advertisement and the titles of the episodes are not informed.

  2. Adrift

    Michael is drowning and Sawyer saves him, while Jin is missing. Michael recalls his fight against Susan for Walt in the justice. They drift on a wreckage of the raft, with the menace of a shark. Michael blames Sawyer for the abduction of Walt and promises to bring his son back. Kate releases herself and escapes through a ventilation duct. Michael and Sawyer reach the beach, and they see Jin escaping from "The Others".

    This is one of the best episodes of "Lost". The story is very dramatic and tense, and it is impossible to stop watching. Fortunately the next episode will come soon. My vote is ten.

  3. Orientation

    Sawyer, Michael and Jin are captured by "The Others" and Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) is arrested with them. Locke recalls his rehabilitation with a support group, where he met and had an affair with Helen (Katey Sagal). However, although with the support of Helen, he was not able to get free from the figure of his cynical father. Meanwhile, Kate hits Desmonds and accidentally shoots the computer. While trying to fix the apparatus, Desmond gives a film to Jack and Locke solving partially the mystery of the place. Desmond recognizes Jack from the brief encounter he had with him, but provokes a short circuit in the electric installation. Sayid and Hurley come to help.

    In this episode, the secret of the shelter is partially disclosed through the projection of a film called "Orientation Film" of the Dharma Project for Station 3 (Swan). It is very impressive how the needy character of John Locke became strong in the island. My vote is nine.

  4. Everybody Hates Hugo

    Jack assigns Hurley to make an inventory of the food, and he brings Rose to the shelter to help him. He recalls when he won the lottery, quitted his job and disappointed his best friend. Sayid and Jack explore the shelter trying to find the source of the electromagnetic field. Locke tells Charlie the secret about the shelter. Jin, Sawyer and Michael find that the group that arrested them leaded by Ana Lucia was in the flight 815, and they were twenty three when they crashed the island. Claire finds the bottle with the messages on the beach.

    This episode is good, but the ridiculous attitude of Hurley trying to blow the food store is ridiculous. If the group that arrested the raft castaways is also passengers of the flight 815, who are "The Others"? My vote is eight.

  5. ..And Found

    Sun loses her wedding ring, and recalls her past, when she met Jin. She tries desperately to find the jewel. Michael, Sawyer and Jin follow the other survivors to collect food and water and move to another place. Michael runs off into the jungle trying to find Walt. Jin and Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) enter in the woods expecting to rescue Michael.

    In this episode, we see how Jin got his job in Seoul and met Sun. I was impressed with the discrimination of social classes in South Korea. My vote is nine.

  6. Abandoned

    Sayid builds a tent for Shannon, and she sees Walt again speaking some unintelligible words (see IDMb Trivia). Sayid does not believe on her. Shannon recalls the death of her father and how her stepmother deserted her. She uses Vincent trying to find Walt in the woods and proves that she is worth. While trying to reach the camp of the survivors, Sawyer passes out due to his wound, delaying the expedition. When one of the members of the group vanishes, and they feel that "The Others" are close. The tense situation leads to a tragedy.

    I have just seen the six first episodes of Season Two in a Marathon of Lost in a cable television channel. I am anxious to know what has happened to Shannon, but I might have to wait for the Second Season on DVD. "Lost" is getting better and better and it certainly is one of the best TV series ever. My vote is ten.

  7. The Other 48 Days

    The tail section of the airplane crashes in the ocean, and the survivors reach the beach. Leaded by Ana Lucia and Goodwin (Brett Cullen), they are attacked by "The Others" while sleeping at the beach and some of them are abducted, including two children. Ana Lucia suspects that Nathan (Josh Randall) is infiltrated in the group and a few days later she finds the truth. After forty-eight days, they meet Shannon and Sayid in a tragic way.

    Here in Brazil, the Second Season of "Lost" is still on the episode number seven, which discloses the forty-eight days of the lives of the tail section survivors and their brutalization process. Their lives were indeed tougher than the other group, explaining the reason why Jin, Michael and Sawyer were so badly treated on their first contact. Now only on next Monday I will be able to see what happened with Shannon. My vote is nine.

  8. Collision

    Ana Lucia takes the pistol from Sayid and ties him to a tree. Completely deranged, she threatens the whole group, and later she releases Michael demanding guns and ammunition for Sayid. Mr. Eko takes Sawyer back to Jack, who tries to save his life helped by Kate. Ana Lucia recalls her past in the police force, when she was shot by a scum thief. The group of survivors decides to leave Ana Lucia and move to meet the other group.

    "Collision" is one of the most dramatic episodes of "Lost". The explanation for the disturbed behavior of Ana Lucia is presented only in the very end. I felt sorrow for the fate of the character of Shannon, of whom I began to like in "Abandoned". My vote is ten.

  9. What Kate Did

    While taking care of a feverish Sawyer, Kate freaks out and recalls her crime trying to protect her mother against her abusive and drunken stepfather. Shannon is buried with the presence of the survivors except Kate, Sawyer and Ana Lucia. John Locke shows the film to Mr. Eko and Michael, and Mr. Eko gives the missing part, which was found in the other side of the island, with the instruction to not use the computer for communication.

    In this episode, the original crime of Kate is finally disclosed. The advice in the piece of film retrieved by Mr. Eko is the greatest attraction for the next episode, since Michael is using the computer for a mysterious communication with Waltz. My vote is eight.

  10. The 23rd Psalm

    When Claire comments with Mr. Eko about the Virgin Mary statue that belongs to Charlie, he asks to see it, breaks it and exposes the secret of Charlie to Claire. Mr. Eko obliges Charlie to show the place where he found the crashed plane, while his past in Nigeria is presented in flashback. John Locke teaches Michael how to shoot with a rifle, and Michael uses the computer to contact Walt. Claire does not want Michael to live close to her son and her any longer.

    This episode is about the dark past of Mr. Eko in Nigeria, since his adolescence with his brother in a catholic church until his adulthood as a very dangerous drug lord. The episode discloses also surprises about his connections with the crashed plane, and shows a weird creature with the shape of black smoke coming toward Mr. Eko, but no attacking him. There are nice moments, like when Kate gives a haircut to Sawyer, telling him that people like him, or when Mr. Eko and Charlie pray. My vote is nine.

  11. The Hunting Party

    Michael locks Jack and Locke in the ammunition store and leaves the shelter looking for Walt. Sawyer joins to Jack and Locke in an expedition to find Michael, but Jack asks Kate to stay in the computer. While hiking in the jungle, Jack remembers the death of a patient and how Sarah left him. The group is surrounded by "The Others" and has to return to their camp without their guns.

    The dramatic loss of Jack and the nervous meeting with "The Others" make this tense episode one of the best of this Second Season. In the end, curiosity almost killed Kate. The final question of Jack to Ana Lucia is a good reason to anxiously wait for the next episode. My vote is ten.

  12. Fire + Water

    Charlie has surreal daydreams with Aaron, and he believes that the baby is in danger. However, Locke believes he is using heroine again. Charlie clumsily advises Claire to baptize Aaron with Mr. Eko, while he recalls his past with his addicted brother. Hurley is attracted by Libby, who seems to correspond his affection and attention.

    "Fire + Water" was a quite deceptive episode of "Lost". I felt sorry for Charlie, who is full of good intentions with Claire and her baby, but is absolutely misunderstood. The disappointment of John Locke with him is understandable, but his coward aggression is totally unnecessary. I do not understand why John Locke has not destroyed the heroine he took from Charlie. My vote is seven.

  13. The Long Con

    Locke shares with Jack the combination of the locker of the weapons. While Jack and Ana Lucia are trying to gather people to form a defense army, the survivors believe that they are safe and have no interest to join them. When Sun is attacked apparently by The Others, Jack decides to get the guns for protection of the group. However, Locke is informed by Sawyer of Jack's intention, and moves the armament to a hidden place with serious and surprising consequences. Meanwhile Sawyer recalls his former long con against Cassidy (Kim Dickens).

    "The Long Con" is a very tense episode of "Lost", with severe frictions and revenges among Jack, Locke, Ana Lucia, Kate, Sawyer and Charlie. The group of survivors is not united and lost the leadership with the mistrust in their leaders after so many bad decisions, with a complete lack of confidence among them. Sawyer shows how nasty and despicable he is, a tortured man that can not love anybody; and the naive Kate is really in love with him. The final remark of Sawyer telling her that she does not hate him without reply evidences this situation. My vote is ten.

  14. One of Them

    Ana Lucia shows Sayid a person hidden in the woods, and Sayid identifies Danielle Rousseau, who tells him that she has captured one of The Others. She convinces Sayid to go with her into the forest and Sayid releases the prisoner, who claims to be Henry Gale (Michael Emerson) from Minnesota. When Henry escapes, Danielle shots him through his shoulder with an arrow. Sayid brings Henry to the shelter decided to interrogate him with the support of John, but Jack opposes to the torture. Meanwhile, Sayid recalls the American invasion to Iraq and how he became a torturer. Sawyer blackmails Hurley to help him to chase a noisy frog.

    In "One of Them", it is finally disclosed how Sayid was convinced to torture by the American Joe Inman (Clancy Brown). Jack is ridiculous with his attitude, risking the lives of the other survivors to protect an unknown man that may be their enemy. The sequence of Sawyer and Hurley is very silly and unnecessary. My vote is nine.

  15. Maternity Leave

    When Claire's baby is feverish and with allergy, Rousseau comes to the camping and tells her that the baby may be infected. Claire partially recalls her period living among The Others, and asks Kate to go with her to the woods to look for Rousseau. While in the forest, Claire recovers her memory and the experience she was submitted, and she tries to find a vaccine for the baby's harsh. Meanwhile, Mr. Eko finds that Jack and John are keeping Henry Gale as prisoner and asks to talk with him.

    In this episode, it is finally disclosed what happened with Claire when she was abducted by The Others. Further, in Claire's recollection of memories, there is a young woman that may be Rousseau's daughter Alexandra. Henry seems to have successfully poisoned the relationship between John and Jack. In the end, "Maternity Leave "is a good but not exceptional episode of "Lost". My vote is eight.

  16. The Whole Truth

    When Sun asks Sawyer for a pregnancy test to check if she is pregnant, she recalls her trial in South Korea to get pregnant and is reluctant to tell Jin about the news. Meanwhile, John invites Ana Lucia to interrogate Henry Gale, and the prisoner draws a map showing the remote place where his balloon is located. Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie hike through the woods trying to find evidences of the balloon.

    "The Whole Truth" is a great episode of "Lost". The story of Jin and Sun in South Korea has at least two twists, the last one with the miracle of her pregnancy. The competition between John and Jack is provoking a division and a lack of confidence in the group of survivors. The last dialog of Henry Gale is a great attraction for the next episode. My vote is nine.

  17. Lockdown

    While alone in the hatch with Henry Gale, all the openings shutdown and John Locke becomes trapped in a room with him. He releases Henry to help him to open the hydraulic door, and he supports it with a tool box. When John tries to passes below the door, the box collapses and his legs are secured by the guillotine door. He recalls his former relationship with Helen, while Henry tries to reach the computer through the ventilation duct. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie find the truth about Henry in the jungle and return to the camp.

    "Lockdown" is a nervous episode of "Lost", where the life of John Lock and his relationship with his father and his beloved Helen is presented in flashbacks. The surprising truth about Henry Gale is disclosed in a twist in the end of the story and I am curious about the consequences of this discovery. My vote is nine.

  18. Dave

    Hurley tells Libby that he has hidden food in the woods stolen from the hatch, and he decides to destroy it to punish himself and prove control of the situation. Later, he sees his former friend Dave (Evan Haendler), from the mental institution where he was interned after a fatal accident, in the island. Meanwhile, Libby tries to help the depressed Hurley to react against his hallucinations. In the end, Henry Gale discloses to the skeptical John Locke what happened with the computer.

    After a sensational episode with a tense conclusion, "Dave" is very disappointing and predictable sequel. The selfish attitude of Hurley, destroying the food he stole from the hatch instead of giving it to the other survivors, is very nasty. The best part of this episode is when Henry tells John what happened in the computer room when John was hold below the door. But then the episode finished. My vote is seven.

  19. S.O.S.

    Bernard tries to convince the survivors to build a S.O.S. signal with rocks on the sand, hoping to be seen by a satellite or an airplane. His first encounter with Rose, who was terminal, and their romance, are disclosed through flashbacks. Bernard never gives up searching for the cure of Rose before crashing the island. Meanwhile, Jack invites Kate to join him in the woods to propose to "The Others" a trade between Henry and Walt. John Locke is intrigued with the words of Henry about the unnecessary use of the computer and obsessed with the symbols her saw while trapped under the door.

    In this episode, the beautiful and dramatic love story of the bachelor dentist Bernard and Rose is presented, and the viewer can see how the island has a great energy, healing not only Rose, but also Locke, Charlie, Mr. Eko, Sun. Locke seems to be a little paranoid or deranged, with an abnormal behavior. And Jack challenges "The Others" and has a great surprise in the end of the episode. My vote is nine.

  20. Two for the Road

    Jake and Kate bring the exhausted Michael back to the hatch. Henry tries to kill Ana Lucia, but she is saved by John Locke in the last moment. Ana Lucia tries to convince Sawyer to give a weapon to her for killing Henry, and she has sex with him. She recalls her troubled relationship with her mother and the end of her career in the police force and her short connection with Jake's father Dr. Christian Shephard. Hurley invites Libby for a picnic in a secret spot. When Ana Lucia is unable to shoot Henry, Michael offers himself for the assignment.

    I believe that the final unexpected twist in "Two For the Run" surprised even the greatest fan of "Lost". I personally would never expect those happenings in the hatch. Although being a quite disturbed and unpleasant character, I liked Ana Lucia; I was also curious to know more about Libby, especially about the reasons of her internment in a mental institution. The return of Michael to the episodes, and his deplorable act, will certainly lead "Lost" to other directions. My vote is eight.

  21. ?

    While sleeping, Mr. Eko is assigned by his brother Yemi (Adetokumboh McCormack) in a dream to go with John Locke to disclose the meaning of the "?" symbol. With the pretext of chasing Henry, Mr. Eko brings John with him and they find a second hatch called "Pearl" underground the question mark symbol marked on the field, where a video explains that the other hatch is a psychological experiment and people behavior pressing the buttons of the computer every 108 minutes are actually subjects. Meanwhile, Jack unsuccessfully tries to save Libby.

    In this episode, John Locke loses his faith in the island when he finds that they have been monitored in the hatch. The disgusting Michael sees the anguishing Libby wishing that she was dead, while Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer are suffering her pain, in a deep emotional contrast. My vote is eight.

  22. Three Minutes

    Michael requests Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to go with him to the camping of "The Others" to bring Walt back. Meanwhile, his experience with Zeke and "The Others" is disclosed, when he saw Walt and made a deal with them to release Henry and betray Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. The disgusting Michael is welcomed by the survivors, but Sayid advises Jack that Michael is a traitor. After the burial of Ana Lucia and Libby, the survivors see a boat sailing near the beach.

    In this episode, it is shown that the journey of the Michael through the woods trying to find Walt cost more than the five weapons "The Others" took from the rescue team. Michael lost his honor, becoming a black Judas and killer, and capable of betraying his closest friends. The presence of Michel among the survivors while Hurley and Kate dig the grave of Ana Lucia and Libby really irritated me! I just do not understand how the smart Sawyer and even Jack, that wants to impose himself as a leader, did not see how unreasonable was the proposal of Michael, bringing only few people, one of them fat and without raid ability, to fight against "The Others". The worth Sayid alone would be more efficient than the whole group. My vote is nine.

  23. Live Together, Die Alone

    Jack, Sawyer and Sayid swim to the boat and find a completely wasted Desmond. His traumatic past experience before sailing to the island is disclosed through flashbacks. Sayid plots a plan with Jack to surprise "The Others" in case Michael is double-crossing the group. John Locke convinces Desmond to invade the hatch, which is protected by Mr. Eko, and not press the button of the computer to see what will happen.

    This episode is one of the best of the Second Season. Unfortunately, we lovers of "Lost" can see the lack of respect the producers of this stunning series have with the fans. In the USA, the air date of this episode was 24 May 2006. Therefore, along this period, fans have to wait for the Third Season in a very suspenseful situation, with Jack and his group surrounded by "The Others" and finding the truth about Michael and the death of Ana Lucia and Libby; John locked inside the hatch without the intention of pushing the button and Mr. Eko in despair outside the hatch. I hope the fate of "Lost" be better than "Angel" and its very disappointing conclusion (or lack of conclusion) after five seasons. My vote is ten.

Average vote for this season = 8.9

Season 3(2006-2007)

  1. A Tale of Two Cities

    Jack, Kate and Sawyer are kidnapped by "The Others" and put in different environments. Kate has a shower, gets a dress and is invited to have breakfast on the beach with Henry Gale; Sawyer is locked in a cage for wild animals and without food or water, being "awarded" when he hits a lever as if he were an animal; and Jack is locked in a sort of aquarium, being interrogated and controlled by Juliet, who has a complete report about his life. Meanwhile, Jack recalls his divorce process with Sarah.

    The beginning of the Third Season is a weird episode focused in the former life of Jack and disclosing some aspects of the life style of "The Others". After three months without "Lost", I found "A Tale of Two Cities" intriguing, and it seems that the story is going to have a big twist, now finally disclosing "The Others". Henry Gale increased his importance in the series, since he is one of the leaders, and a new Machiavellian character, Juliet, is introduced. What I like most in "Lost" is that I do not guess what may happen in the next episode. My vote is seven.

  2. The Glass Ballerina

    Sayid lies to Jin, and convinces Sun to sail to a dock to make a firecamp on the beach and signalize to Jack, Kate and Sawyer but actually he wants to attract and ambush a group of "The Others". Sun recalls her childhood, when she broke a glass ballerina and lied to her father, blaming the maid. Later she cheated Jin with Jae Lee, her father finds the truth and he orders Jin to get rid of Jae Lee lying about the reasons. Jin lied when he said that he cannot understand English. Kate and Sawyer are sent to a field for labor work, and Henry Gale proposes Jack to send him back home if he cooperates with him.

    "The Glass Ballerina" discloses a little bit more the relationship of Sun and Jin and we see that their relationship was built on lies. Meanwhile, Juliet shows how dangerous she is and Henry Gale discloses his leadership and how connected he is with the world outside the island to Jack, and introduces himself as being Benjamin Linus, in the best and most intriguing part of this episode. My vote is eight.

  3. Further Instructions

    Locke wakes up mute after the implosion of the hatch, recovers his faith on the island and builds a sweat tent for self meditation. He has a vision of Boone guiding him through the airport before the check in of the passengers of flight 815. He goes with Charlie to rescue Mr. Eko from a polar bear in its cave, and meets with Hurley returning to the survivors' camp, who tells what happened with Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Meanwhile, Locke recalls his relationship with his new acquaintance Eddie in a community where he lived.

    "Further Instructions" is the most disappointing episode of "Lost" that I recall. I agree that it is a hook for new mysteries in the island, but "Further Instructions" is below the average of the other episodes. I had a great expectation with the character Paulo, played by the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, but his participation in this episode is very short. There is a non-original plot summary written in IMDb that can be found in the most different sites in Internet and the scene described ("Claire is shocked to find Nikki and Paulo in Jack's tent") was not shown in the episode. I believe there are IMDb users using the same stuff as Locke and having visions about "Lost", since there are inclusive votes in the next episodes that have not been broadcast yet. My vote is six.

  4. Every Man for Himself

    "The Others" bring Sawyer to a room, injects a needle in his sternum and when he wakes up, Benjamin Limus tells him that a pacemaker has been implanted in his heart and any physical effort for him will be lethal, since his heart will blow-up. Sawyer recalls his period in prison, when he betrayed another prisoner to commute six years of sentence and be released earlier. Colleen, the women shot by Sun, is submitted to a surgery, has complications and Juliet calls Jack on to help her, but it is too late. Paulo is playing golf on the beach, and Desmond asks for a club to build a weird apparatus. Benjamin brings the controlled Sawyer with him to the top of a hill to show where they are.

    "Every Man for Himself" is one of the best episodes of "Lost". The coward and despicable behavior of "The Others", leaded by the Machiavellian Benjamin Limus (aka Henry Gale), irritated me. Sawyer shows through flashback how low she may go to take advantage on a situation, which is the reason of the title of this show ("Every Man for Himself"). The attitudes of Desmond are intriguing, and Paulo has again another short participation, but now at least with a few lines. The reference to a submarine increased the mystery about who "The Others" are. Evangeline Lilly is really a very pretty woman. My vote is ten.

  5. The Cost of Living

    Eko is completely disturbed, haunted by his past, in Nigeria and leaves the tent looking for his brother Yemi in the woods. Locke organizes an expedition with Sayid, Desmond, Paulo and Nikki to chase Eko and to go the Pearl hatch, expecting also to find a computer and locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Meanwhile, Jack discloses that Ben Linus has a tumor in his spine, finding the real intention of his abduction. Juliet plots and proposes a plan to Jack to eliminate Ben. Eko is attacked and killed by a dark fog.

    "The Cost of Living" is another great episode of the third season of "Lost". I regret the death of Eko, one of my favorite characters of this show. I am also curious about the honesty of Juliet with her plan: does she really intend to kill Ben, or is she only testing Jack? My vote is ten.

  6. I Do

    Juliet and Ben use Kate to press Jack to remove the tumor of Ben's spine. Kate tries to protect Sawyer and asks Jack to perform the surgery in Ben. Later, Kate and Sawyer make love, while Kate recalls her marriage with her beloved Kevin. Locke, Sayid, Paulo and Nikki bury Mr. Eko.

    This edgy episode is excellent, with tense situations among Jack, Kate and Sawyer. The message that Locke found on Mr. Eko's staff may be a hint for new mysteries in the island. Unfortunately, I have just seen in IMDb that the sequel of this great episode will be aired only on 7 February 2007 (Season 3, Episode 7). Season 3 has just begun and will be interrupted for almost three months, showing a shameful absolute lack of respect of the producers of this cult series with the fans. My vote is ten for the episode and zero for the producers of "Lost".

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