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My primary OS is Redhat Linux 8.0.

Here are two snapshots of my desktop when I started using Linux with Redhat 7.3: One Two.

I love and use the following software -

Gnome Pan - A cool Usenet NewsReader.
Mozilla, Galeon - cool browsers
Gaim - Instant messagner for all protocols
OpenOffice - do all your office work here!
X-Chat - IRC Client
Emacs - Wonderful and Extremely Powerful Text Editor
XMMS - WinAmp clone
GIMP - Wonderful Graphics Editing program, an attempt to make something similar to Adobe Photoshop.
Evolution: An Outlook Express clone
gFTP: A CuteFTP Clone
pilot-xfer: type in "pilot-xfer -b dirname" on the commandline and see your PDA getting synchornized. Does it get easier than this?
mplayer: A player of a similar capability as Windows Media Player. Its too good.
cscope, cbrowser: These 2 programs combine to form a very effective source browser. Useful.

And of course the dozens of commandline utilities

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