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My resume - MS Word
(I was thinking of switching to LaTeX for making the resume, but then gave in to the finesse of Word)

I am currently pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Southern California.

I am interested in Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Networking, Artificial Intelligence.
I like involved programming - like kernel programming, any sort of systems programming, etc
And yes strangely I like Web Stuff too - Perl, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Servlets, Web Services etc etc.
You can see my skillset more completely in my resume.

Though I must add that I can code well...

Apart from studies, I am currently working for the Apollo Project under Prof. Massoud Pedram. My work mostly involves Linux kernel programming, device drivers, linux system administration, some systems stuff, etc.

As part of the course Advanced Operating Systems, I have written a paper - "Comparing the Memory Management Systems of BSD, Windows and Linux". Since I was forced to complete the paper in time, I could not give enough justice to it. But I intend to give it more time and do it really good later. It is available as - pdf, ps, dvi, latex - for the version thats good after the printing, and as - pdf, ps, dvi, latex - for the version that looks good on the screen. (Note: This is a student paper, not any serious analysis)

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