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The version of the page below is the new one. Click here for the older version of this page. The difference between the old one and this one somewhat shows how I changed after coming here to the US. I am somehow beginning to like the older version now though.

(I recently did some personality test, and I have understood these things better. Previously, I was an INFP, now I have become an INTP. But, I still somehow like my old INFP self, and so my INTP self now tries to sustain my INFP self. Thus, at the moment I am a combination of INFP/INTP.)

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Geek Code

My Geek code is:

Version: 3.1
GCS GP GSS GS dpu s: a-- C+++ UL++ P++ L+++ E+ W++ N+ o? K? w- O-
M? V? PS PE? Y PGP- t+ 5? X++ R* tv b+ DI D G e+++ h-- r-- z-

Structuring Time using Education

I was born in Akola, a small size town near Nagpur in INDIA (for non-Indians, near Bombay) on 4th September, 1979.

I studied until my 10th Grade in Mt. Carmel School in Akola, except for 5th and 6th when I ventured out to the boarding school at St. Peters High School in Panchgani. After doing my 11th and 12th grade in RLT, Akola, I did my Bachelors from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India where I majored in Electronics Engineering.

Then I found myself doing Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California, Los Angeles in the First World - USA, which I am still doing at present.

Basic Behavior

My behavior is a mix of various tendencies and various ways of looking at life and myself. When I am in various modes, these are my thoughts:

  1. I am very social. I like meeting people. I like making friends with everyone. I love to know different perspectives and different cultures/traditions, and ways of thinking. I feel that there should be only one task for people to do - making friendships and talking with people - there should be nothing else to do. I am fascinated by the complexity of the variety of the self-evolved living. I am born to make friends and talk.
  2. I am very emotional. I love people. I dont like anybody facing any problem or being sad. I try to make sure that my presence anywhere causes an improvement and does not cause any emotional/physical harm to anybody else - whether that place is a room, lab, home or the World or just about anything. I dont like negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, cheating, corruption, emotionally/physically harming anyone, etc. I just want that there should be love everywhere, and love should be the only emotion that exists. I am born to love other people and think for them.
  3. I am the most adventurous person in the world. I want to visit every place there is. I want to see everything there is to see. I want to go visit the African jungles, go trek to the mountains, fly a plane over the clouds, fly a spacecraft to the stars. I am fascinated by the complexity of the variety of the self-generated non-living. I am born to be a traveller.
  4. I am a perfectionist, I just want everything in the world to be perfect.
  5. I love listening to music. Thats all what I want to do in life. I am born to listen to music.
  6. I love gaining knowledge and logically analyze all known knowledge. I want to know everything there is to know, I want to analyse everything there is to analyse. I want to learn every field of learning that exists. I want to have as much knowledge as an expert would have in the fields of philosophy, psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, physics, computer science, artificial intelligence/life, pyschiatry. I want to read all the books that have been ever written with an intellectual bent. I just want to read and think. Thats all what I want to do. I am born to think.

Out of all these 6 tendencies, the 6th one is more natural to me. Because of the nature of the 6th tendency, I am more inclined to intellectual discussions.

I firmly believe in this:

"Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and what they know. So everybody is essentially of the same moral worth."
[From the last topic on this page.]

I enjoy meeting people, even when there is no reason at all, whether they are strangers, friends, boys, girls, chidlren, aged, Indians, Americans, Chineses, police, criminals,...practically anyone, so if you are at USC or are around in San Jose, and would like some company (not the best!) for a while, then drop me an email at grkhetan at yahoo..

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